Before your full eye examination, you will have what is known as a pre-test with one of our optical assistants. The optometrist uses the results of the pre-test during your eye examination.

Dependent on your individual needs, a variety of different pieces of diagnostic equipment will be used in the pre-test.

One of the most commonly performed tests uses a tonometer. A tonometer will blow a gentle puff of air onto the surface of each eye to measure the internal pressure. This is one of a variety of tests that allows the optometrist to assess your risk of developing glaucoma.

Other tests, such as autorefraction, are used to see how long or short-sighted you are. These tests can be performed on separate pieces of equipment or on single multifunctional machines.

The optical assistant may then take a photograph of the back of your eyes using digital retinal photography. This image is saved and will be useful in monitoring changes in eye health on future visits.

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